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Waist Cinchers

Waist Cinchers

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  • Ardyss Men's Body Shaper Style 34

    Ardyss Men's Body Shaper Style 34

    2 Review(s)

    Stay comfortable even on long, active days. This semi-orthopedic garment supports and relieves muscular fatigue, and is easy to use.

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  • Ardyss Vest Waist Cincher

    Ardyss Vest Waist Cincher Style 30

    This Ardyss Corselette is specially designed to support the spine, resulting in excellent posture. When you put it on, youll see a reduction in the size of your waist.

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  • Ardyss Waist Cincher

    Ardyss Waist Cincher Style 29

    1 Review(s)

    Compressing your ribcage, this corset slims your waist significantly. It flattens your tummy and gives you an hourglass shape.

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  • Cocoon Fitness Waist Cincher Orange

    Cocoon Fitness Waist Cincher Style 0657

    Fitness waist cincher ideal for use at the gym and fitness activities.

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Items 1 to 12 of 15 total

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Waist Cinchers: More Than Hourglass Shaping

When talking about waist cinchers, a lot of people have the impression that it’s only good for getting an instant hourglass shape. While a waist cincher is probably the most effective body shaper when aiming for an hourglass shape, it can also give you more than that.

Get a sexy hourglass shape and more with waist cinchers.

The 411 on Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers trace their origins to the old lace up corsets of the past. While similar, modern waist cincher corsets are more comfortable given the use of restricted stretch fabric, garment compression, and flexible boning in place of laces and rigid embedded wires.

Modern waist cinchers also come in different styles:

  • Classic waist cinchers.
    These are similar in construction to corsets, only with adjustable hook and eye closures instead of laces.
  • Vest waist cinchers.
    These waist cinchers are similar in construction to a control camisole, only without the built-in bra cups.
  • Post surgery waist cinchers.
    These waist cinchers are designed specially for post-operative use.

Depending on the level of control – modern waist cincher corsets can give you light to extra firm compression – a waist cincher can shape your waist and midsection give you other benefits:

  • Eliminate back fat.
    Waist cinchers that cover your back prevent fat from bulging under or above your bra.
  • Lift your breasts.
    Waist cinchers can push breast tissue forward and up for excellent lift and support.
  • Relieve back pain.
    Waist cinchers relieve back pain by taking pressure off your spine and forcing to observe correct posture.
  • Help you heal faster.
    Waist cinchers stabilize your midsection to reduce post-surgery pain. They also improve blood circulation so your muscles heal faster and better.

Get the hourglass shape you want and more with waist cinchers. Check out our collection today.