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Maternity Girdles

Maternity Girdles

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  • Anita Maternity Microfiber Baby Belt White

    Anita Maternity Microfiber Baby Belt Style 1700

    This Anita Maternity Baby Belt follows Anita’s support principles. The Velcro type fastening has individual adjustments for easy in and out. It fits perfectly when standing, sitting and resting, as this is a clinically tested product that prevents back aches in pregnant women.

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  • Ardyss Maternity Girdle Style 39

    Ardyss Maternity Girdle Style 39

    This garment gives pregnant women comfortable support. It supports your back, relieving you from back pains, while giving light control to your thighs - minus painful compression.

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Safer, Better Pregnancy with Maternity Girdles

When you’re pregnant, every one seems to feel that they have the right to pepper you with maternity tips. If you are going to listen and heed just a single advice, go with the one that encourages you to use a maternity girdle.

The Benefits of Using a Maternity Girdle

A maternity girdle is a shaping garment especially designed with the needs of a pregnant woman in mind. While you can use regular girdles at the start of your pregnancy, a maternity support girdle is a must as soon as your baby bump is showing. Aside from lifting your baby bump, using a maternity girdle lets you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maternity girdles help prevent back pain.
    Maternity support girdles have reinforced bands and panels that lift and support your baby bump as it grows. By taking on the extra weight, maternity girdles take the pressure off your spine and help redistribute your body weight evenly for a pain-free back.
  • Maternity support girdles contribute to a safer pregnancy.
    Pre-term contractions and similar pregnancy complications can be prevented by the added control and lift provided by maternity support girdles.
  • Maternity girdles make pregnancy more comfortable.
    Frequent urination and incontinence can make pregnancy uncomfortable. By lifting your belly, a maternity support girdle reduces the pressure on your bladder, thus preventing frequent bathroom visits.
  • Maternity girdles let you move.
    Maternity girdles make doing your daily activities more convenient by giving you more freedom of movement as it shares the weight of your bump.
  • Maternity girdles help your body recover faster post-pregnancy.
    Maternity girdles minimize the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins. They also help you recover your pre-pregnancy shape fast by keeping your abdominal muscles supported and free from swelling.

Have a better, safer pregnancy. Check out our maternity support girdle today.