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Realize Your Dream Body with Body Shapers

Some women are born with great genes that seem to repel fat from their trim figures. Others have to work hard at it at the gym or spend thousands for cosmetic surgery.

If you don’t have the genes, patience, or money to get your dream figure, you can use body shapers to get in shape.

Targeted Shaping with Body Shapers

Whether you need overall slimming or just a few nips, DreamBodyShapers has body shapers that can suit your needs. Check out the guide below for a perfect match to your shaping needs:

  • Perky cleavage.
    Body shapers like bodysuits and control tops can give your breasts a perkier look by providing lift and support through underwire cups or shaping the areas around your bust.
  • Smaller waist, tighter tummy.
    Waist cinchers, panty girdles, and control camisoles are the body shapers for you if you want a more defined waist and a flat stomach. They work by compressing midsection bulges for a flatter, trimmer look.
  • Flab-free back.
    Body shapers like control camisoles and vest-style bodysuits and waist cinchers are great for keep your back free from bulges. By covering your back, these bodyshapers smooth out flab for a sleek silhouette.
  • Toned thighs, curvy bum, round hips.
    Long-leg bodyshapers and girdles are ideal if you want to tone your tush and firm up your thighs. These bodyshapers compress flesh from these parts to make them look firmer.
  • Overall slim figure.
    Body shapers like bodysuits are ideal if you need to be slim all over. These bodyshapers are also great for balancing your shape.

There are also bodyshapers that are designed for maternity and post-surgery use. Some body shapers like fashion control tops may also be worn as a blouse or shirt.

Browse our collection today to find the body shaper that’s right for you.